Getting a whiff? Have you got a gas leak?

Gas leak checking with Bubble tester

When you get a new BSS certificate it will confirm that on the day of the test your gas system was sound and leak free.

This is what is known as being “Gas Tight”.

It could be another 4 years before it gets tested again and whilst the components have been thoroughly checked, that is still a long time.  How many times have you caught a whiff of gas and wondered if it was the bottle running low? Or could it be a leak?

With an Alde bubble tester you don’t need to wonder, in fact you can check that your gas system is tight whenever you like. 

When the red button at the top is depressed it routes your boat’s gas supply from the regulator through the sealed vial of special liquid. If any gas is moving it will appear as bubbles.  With all gas appliances off there should be (almost) no bubbles.  If you see regular bubbles appearing in the sight glass it would indicate a leak.  

Test it regularly and you’ll know you are safe. 

Please note – We recommend Alde testers are always fitted by Gas Safe / LPG / Boats qualified people to be sure that the item will function correctly and keep you safe as intended.

If you need help or advice in this area – please be sure to reach out and contact us to discuss your requirements with us in detail!

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