The Importance of a Good Smoke Alarm onboard

Smoke alarm on ceiling

Smoke Alarms: You’ve got them in your house – for goodness sake get one for your boat.

Fires on board are truly frightening. Boats are full of fuels and combustible material and once fire breaks out can only take a few minutes in that confined space for the whole boat to be ablaze and filled with smoke and toxic fumes. Your chances of survival by this point could be slim, especially if it happened when you were asleep.

A correctly fitted, reliable smoke alarm could save your life, alerting you to a fire while there is time to escape. They are cheap, readily available, easy to fit and maintain.

Not all smoke alarms are the same and the Fire Industry Association recommends that boaters fit an approved, Optical sensor type alarm which can alert you to a slow burning, smouldering fire before it develops further.  They are good in confined environments and have a hush feature to silence the alarm when you’re making toast. Your can see their recommendations here. 

The Boat Safety Scheme has a wealth of information for fire safety on boats – including how and where to fit your smoke alarm for optimal safety.

In a nutshell…

  1. Choose a good alarm
  2. Fit it in the right place
  3. Test it regularly


Then you can sleep soundly at night!

For more information or for advice on your circumstances – please feel free to reach out and contact us today!  

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